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We would like to take this opportunity to recommend Dario Fabian and his Wood Pecker Shop for your next project. Dario has been our preferred wood craftsman for our projects for the last nine years. We have worked in many small, midsize and large projects together. He has built many things for us from kitchen cabinets to building Venetian Ceilings in Victorian homes. We have even asked him to work on projects for us when he was employed as a full time teacher/student, while working on his teaching credentials. We are 100% certain that people with his skill set as a woodworker are very rare and hard to find. He was always willing to go out of his way to help us when we were in need of his skills. That has not only made him a great working partner, but he also has become a great friend that we are happy to work with. I can honestly say we have never had a disagreement with Dario over money or extra work that needed to be done or any other issue that arose at any of our projects.

-Robert Matz - Gingerbread Construction

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We hired the Woodpecker Shop to build our kitchen cabinets at our home. We are very pleased and happy with the work they provided us.The price was very fair and the quality was exceptional. They were very helpful in helping us come up with a design that fit our space and style.

The transition from design to tear off and install of the new cabinets was easier and smoother than we had predicted. They were very polite and professional.

-Phillip Ho - Sunnyvale, CA

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