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Why Buy Custom Furniture

Several pages could be written as to why you should purchase custom furniture. We will point out the three main reasons that truly matter to most people.

Woodpecker Furniture | cabinetsPersonalized Pieces – 

Custom pieces are more personal. Each piece is built to specific specifications including wood, color or finish and more importantly – design.

Craftsmanship – 
We use only high quality materials and hardware. We pride ourselves in delivering craftsmanship at higher standards especially compared to mass produced furniture. Craftsmanship is the most important reason for having a custom made piece of furniture. By having a craftsman work on a piece of furniture they will guarantee special attention to detail. In turn make a piece stand out compare to an ordinary piece.

Price – 

There is a big misconception when it comes to price. In most instances a custom piece is about 30% most costly compared to a mass produced piece. What make mass produced pieces costly is not their quality craftsmanship, but rather the overhead cost before it is purchased. For example, the manufacturer, freight or shipping, furniture broker and furniture store. Even pieces made in the U.S.A. have to cover these costs, unless pieces are manufactured locally.

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