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What is the difference between all woods?

In this particular case of furniture-crafting wood should be chosen in terms of its color and sometimes softness: maple wood is much harder and lighter in color.

Why are there price differences based on the species of woods?

The price of the wood differentiates base on where the trees are grown and the size of trees of that particular wood species. For Example, Poplar wood is less expensive because poplar trees are large compared to cherry, and they are grown in abundance.

How do I choose the right color for my piece?

The color should be dependent on what you are trying to accomplish as far as looks. Normally, a piece should be tied in with the rest of the items or pieces surrounding them.

How much does hardware matter?

Hardware matters just as much as the craftsmanship in the piece. The hardware should function perfectly every time you use it. How a door opens or closes and make a dramatic difference. Soft and self closing doors and drawers add a higher level of elegance and function and can extend their life.

How should I select my style?

Sometimes people are the ones who select the style of the piece; however, often the house, office, etc., can be the determining factors that end up dictating the style to choose. If you live in a Victorian house adding modern style cabinets could conflict with the overall design.

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